Our Values

CSS is guided in its actions by these enduring values:


1.  All students should be empowered as positive agents of change in their schools.

We strive to advance the efforts of schools across the country to develop all students into leaders who help make their schools safer and more supportive, engaging, and inspiring. Through this, we help schools become places where students want to be; where students and staff care for each other; where curiosity and passion for learning academically, culturally, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially thrives; and where students meet their fullest potential as individuals, learners, and leaders. In this way, we change the world.

2.  Diversity and equity are strengths.

We are strengthened by the cultural, ethnic, gender identity, mental/physical ability, nationality, political, racial, religious, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and the many other differences we surround ourselves with daily. Diversity within our community helps each of us to authentically listen to the experiences of others, to reevaluate our own ideas, and to develop in us the empathy that we seek to nurture in others. The privilege of certain groups and the marginalization of others limit our potential as humans; equity unleashes that potential.

3.  Our work is data-informed and relationship-driven.

CSS relies on robust research and evidence to create and continuously improve the solutions that strengthen schools; our actions are grounded in an appreciation for and healthy skepticism of data, and fueled by strong relationships among our staff, school staff, students, and families. We strive to model within CSS the behavior that we encourage in schools.

4.  Every student, every school.

Our work happens through direct collaboration with schools, and by helping influence the ecosystem of education. We do our utmost to create sustainability of large scale, systemic change of student experiences in schools through a capacity building process. Our work is incomplete until every school is safe, supportive, engaging, and inspiring.

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