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Teen PEP Curriculum

The Teen PEP curriculum is designed to enable high schools and community-based organizations to use a peer education approach to provide students with medically accurate sexual health information and equip them with the skills they need to make healthy decisions. The Teen PEP curriculum uses a hands-on, activity-based structure which provides students with opportunities for discussion and skill development.

Specific skills addressed throughout the Teen PEP curriculum include:

  • Decision-Making

  • Resisting Peer Pressure

  • Communication with Peers

  • Communication with Parents

  • Communication with Partners

  • Problem-Solving

  • Consent

  • Competence in Interpersonal Relationships

  • Self-Management

  • Active Listening

  • Team Building

The Teen PEP Curriculum includes two primary resources:


Building Our Foundation

Understanding Gender & Sexuality

Postponing Sexual Involvement

Human Reproduction

Pregnancy Prevention

Understanding & Preventing HIV

Family Night

Understanding & Preventing STIs

Alcohol, Other Drugs, & Sexual Decision Making

Dating Violence Prevention

Sexual Assault Prevention

Closure & Celebration


Let’s Wait Awhile: Postponing Sexual Involvement

Later, Baby: Pregnancy Prevention

Break the Silence: Understanding & Preventing HIV

Talk to Me: Family Night

Don’t Pass It On: Preventing STIs

Sex on the Rocks: Alcohol, Other Drugs, & Sexual Decision Making

Break the Cycle: Dating Violence Prevention

Power Play: Sexual Assault Prevention