Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP)


High school juniors & seniors educating younger students about healthy decision-making.


The Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP) is an evidence-based, school-based, comprehensive sexual health program that utilizes peer-to-peer education to increase students’ knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors associated with healthy decision-making. High school juniors and seniors serve as peer educators who conduct a series of structured workshops for groups of younger peers, faculty, and family members designed to reduce risk factors for sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and unintended pregnancy, while simultaneously enhancing protective factors against these issues. These peer educators are simultaneously enrolled in a daily, for-credit, year-long leadership course taught by school faculty during regular school hours. Developed in 1995, the program continues to be implemented through a collaboration of CSS, HiTOPS, Inc., and, when implemented in New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Health.  


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