Nicholas Agosti

Assistant Community School Director for Flushing High School, New York City

Nicholas Agosti is an Assistant Community School Director working with Flushing High School in New York City. He is responsible for collaborating with the various stakeholders within Flushing High School, such as administration, teachers, parents, and the community to support the creation of a supportive, engaging, and rewarding learning environment for students. Through community strategies, Nicholas strives to increase student engagement and attendance along with providing students with the tools they need to become effective members of the community. Prior to joining the CSS team, he pursued his graduate studies in educational sciences with the hopes of gaining the tools necessary to serve as the voice for students who couldn’t find theirs. Nicholas holds a master’s of science degree in educational sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and a bachelor’s degree in history and psychology from Molloy College.

Phone: 347.462.0424


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