Our Solutions


Our solutions enable and inspire students to become more engaged learners; develop positive social, emotional, and health behaviors; navigate pivotal transitions; and address the overwhelming stresses of youth. Teachers who work with CSS become mentors who are passionate about their students’ success and are able to deepen the rigor and impact of instruction. Schools that partner with CSS become environments that nourish meaningful connections and open student-focused dialogue among all members of the school community, including families.

CSS’s solutions take root within schools and make a lasting, sustainable impact that persists long after our involvement. We accomplish this by investing significant time into developing a strong stakeholder group within the school and then by working with school faculty and staff using an intensive train-the-trainer strategy, user-friendly curricula, and technical assistance.


CSS Solutions

Achievement Mentoring (AM):

The Achievement Mentoring Program [also known as Behavioral Monitoring & Reinforcement Program (BMRP)] is a school-based prevention and intervention program for grades 4 through 11 that has been proven to reduce problem behaviors, improve academics, and reduce drug and alcohol use.

Campaign Connect:

Campaign Connect is designed to support schools in becoming safer, more supportive, engaging, and inspiring by providing training, tools, and resources to facilitate a team of stakeholders (administrators, faculty, other staff, students, parents, and relevant community members/organizations) through a data-informed, relationship-driven cycle of continuous school improvement.

Community Schools:

Through carefully cultivated partnerships with school leadership, students, families, teachers, and community members, CSS Community Schools develop customized Community School plans that focus on student attendance, health and wellness, social-emotional development, academics, youth development, and more.

Peer Group Connection (PGC):

Peer Group Connection (PGC) is an evidence-based program that supports and eases students’ successful transition into middle or high school. The program taps into the power of 8th grade students in middle school or 11th and 12th grade students in high school to create a nurturing environment for incoming 6th or 9th grade students, building students’ social and emotional skills and positive academic and personal behaviors.

Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP):

The Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP) is an evidence-based, school-based, comprehensive sexual health program that utilizes peer-to-peer education to increase students’ knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors associated with healthy decision-making.

Customized Solutions:

CSS’s solutions are created in response to the specific needs of schools. If none of our existing solutions meets your school’s needs, please contact us about partnering with you to create a solution that does.