Our Results


CSS’s work has been rigorously evaluated by research organizations, universities, and independent evaluators. Results consistently demonstrate that we improve students’ academic, social, and emotional skills, resulting in: significantly lower dropout rates; improved grades; fewer discipline referrals; and avoidance of high-risk behaviors.


Our solutions increase high school graduation rates and decrease dropout rates.

Research findings indicate that CSS improves the graduation rates of its student participants by nine percentage points and cuts by half the number of male students who would otherwise dropout.

Our solutions improve students’ academic achievement, attendance, and school behavior.

Research findings suggest that CSS programs positively impact grades, school attendance, and discipline.

Our solutions improve students’ social and emotional skills. 

Research findings indicate that when compared to a control or comparison group, students who participate in CSS programs show a positive impact on a variety of social and emotional skills, including greater abilities to deal with stressful situations and use of adaptive conflict resolution skills. Participating students also show increased confidence in their ability to solve problems and make friends, and demonstrate greater optimism about their futures.

Our solutions help students avoid high-risk behaviors. 

Research findings indicate that students who participate in CSS programs report or demonstrate: (a) an increased ability to resist peer pressure; (b) more confidence in self-assertion; and (c) less tolerance of peers’ delinquent behavior, including substance use.

In addition, high school students who participate in CSS’s comprehensive sexual health education program known as Teen PEP report or demonstrate that they have: (a) delayed or decreased sexual activity; (b) increased communication about sexual health issues; and (c) made healthier choices regarding sexual behavior than non-participating students enrolled in the same school.


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