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Community School Director

New York, New York

As the full-time Community School Director-New York City, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of a community school strategy. The Community School Director will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with administration, faculty, staff, and students as the “community organizer” of the school and community. The Community School Director will create, strengthen, and maintain the bridge between the school and community. The Community School Director will facilitate and provide leadership for the collaborative process and development of a continuum of services for children, families and community members within the school neighborhood. The Community School Director will assist the school in developing implementation action plans, troubleshooting implementation obstacles, and planning for sustainability. They will track the school’s progress against performance goals, collect school data, and support program evaluation activities. Additional responsibilities include managing community partnerships and facilitating at School Leadership Team (SLT) meetings. Initially, the Community School Director will support establishing and implementing a community school strategy. Over time, they may support any or all of CSS’s leadership solutions that may be implemented at the school. The Community School Director will ensure that the community school strategy is implemented at exceptional levels of quality with full support, buy-in, and regular communication with stakeholders across the school community.