Diverse stakeholders transforming school climate and culture through a data-informed, relationship-driven approach




Campaign Connect supports schools in implementing a sustainable continuous improvement cycle in service of persistent focus on whole child outcomes – academic, social, emotional, and physical. Campaign Connect is a data-informed, relationship-driven initiative that provides schools with the ability to (a) build an infrastructure for analyzing critical data in publicly accountable ways and (b) share productive dialogue throughout the school community (administrators, faculty, other staff, students, parents, and key community members/organizations) about strengths and areas of need that leads to the implementation of targeted and customized actions.

“What I love most [about Campaign Connect] is that everyone’s voice is included.”

— 7th Grade Participant




Campaign Connect is a certification and recognition system for schools. It is designed to provide easy-to use resources and forums for dialogue and collaboration to support continuous improvement.


1. Certification and recognition system

Schools involved in Campaign Connect will have the opportunity to receive certification and recognition for developing action plans and implementing evidence-based actions that support school improvement and whole child outcomes. Schools have the opportunity to be recognized for specific actions they take and outcomes they achieve.

2. Easy-to-use resources.

Schools will be provided with research-based tools that offer helpful step-by-step guidance.

3. Forums for dialogue and collaboration.

Schools will convene a diverse and inclusive Stakeholder Team to focus on school data, engage with the larger school community, and devise and implement an action plan. In addition, events bringing together schools will provide an opportunity for sharing best practices amongst Stakeholder Teams participating in Campaign Connect.

Schools participating in Campaign Connect will receive:

  • A framework and processes to coordinate, streamline, and focus on continuous improvement in service of whole child outcomes

  • Research-based, easy-to-use resources from school continuous improvement experts

  • Opportunities for collaboration and learning with other schools

  • Certification and recognition for outcomes attained

  • Communication tools that can be used to engage with teachers, parents, students and the larger community

Why Campaign Connect?

When students are immersed in safe, supportive, engaging, and inspiring environments where they feel connected to their school community through healthy relationships with adults and peers, they come to believe that people in their schools value them and want them to succeed. Research indicates that this belief is an important prerequisite to greater academic achievement, reduced bullying, lower dropout rates, improved grades, fewer discipline referrals, and fewer high-risk behaviors.

For more information about CSS and Campaign Connect, please contact:

Dr. Margo Ross
Managing Director, Communications & Development
609.252.9300 x 113  |

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