Campaign Connect

Safe, supportive, engaging, inspiring schools for every student.


Campaign Connect (CC) is designed to support schools in becoming safer, more supportive, engaging, and inspiring by providing them with the training, tools, and resources to facilitate a team of stakeholders (administrators, faculty, other staff, students, parents, and relevant community members/organizations) through a data-informed, relationship-driven cycle of continuous school improvement. Each school-based team utilizes protocols to surface challenging issues, articulate the root cause of those issues, and develop and implement a strategy and action plan to address those root causes. Consistent and transparent communication with the entire school community is part of this work.

Campaign Connect is grounded in research that when students are immersed in safe, supportive, engaging, and inspiring environments where they feel connected to their school community through healthy relationships with adults and peers, they come to believe that people in their schools value them and want them to succeed. This belief is an important prerequisite to greater academic achievement, reduced bullying, lower dropout rates, improved grades, fewer discipline referrals, and fewer high-risk behaviors.

Campaign Connect was launched in 2011 with a generous five-year grant from the Princeton Area Community Foundation. The New Jersey Department of Health, New Jersey Health Initiatives, and Tyco have also provided generous support for Campaign Connect.

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