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A Message from Our CEO


The Center for Supportive Schools (CSS) helps schools become places where students want to be. We advance the efforts of schools across the country to develop all students into leaders who help make their schools safer and more supportive, engaging, and inspiring.

Since 1979, CSS has helped schools reimagine and repurpose existing resources into powerful forces to combat disengagement and poor student outcomes. The cornerstone of our work is helping schools leverage students’ leadership potential so that rather than simply receiving educational services, students team up with faculty and staff to create vibrant learning environments. Tactically, this means we help schools put in place peer leadership, peer mentoring, and peer education programs.

Our work directly addresses disengagement from school, a root cause of students dropping out of school and other high-risk behaviors for students in urban, suburban, rural, economically disadvantaged, middle income, or affluent communities. Our solutions enable and inspire students to become more engaged learners; develop positive social, emotional, and health behaviors; navigate pivotal transitions; and address the overwhelming stresses of youth.

Thank you for your interest in CSS. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Daniel F. Oscar, CEO


CSS helps schools become places where students want to be.

We help leverage the resources in schools to create more caring and vibrant learning communities.

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CSS - Helping Schools Become Places Where Students Want to Be

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Peer Group Connection (PGC) at Baltimore’s Coppin Academy High School

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Peer Group Connection (PGC) at NYC’s Central Park East High School

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CSS on NBC’s Today Show

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Teen PEP at Passiac High School (NJ)

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